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SustainBlaine has state-of-the-art polling technology available for use by local private and public organizations on a per-use rental basis.

Hand-held polling ‘clickers’ (up to 200) and associated computer software from Turning Technologies will enable organizations, using their own set of questions, to confidentially:

  • Seek input at public forums, poll their membership, 
  • Record team or subsidiary viewpoints, and
  • Conduct other polling activities based on presentation of questions via PowerPoint slides. 

Live-time feedback to questions can be projected into the meeting on the slides, as well as stored for later detailed analysis. 

Use of demographic identifiers through introductory questions will permit segregation of polling responses by criteria such as age, sex, residence, size of business and other similar factors. 

SustainBlaine will also offer technical support to develop good questions, manage polling events and interpret results for a small incremental fee.       

Reserve Polling Devices Here

Interested organizations can reserve this state-of-the art polling system on a first-come-first-served basis using the calendar function and reservation form on this page.  The current price sheet for reservations and support services can be referenced in the table below.  Reservation requests must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the planned polling event.  Once a reservation request has been submitted, SustainBlaine will revert to your identified contact to discuss details of the assignment.

SustainBlaine would like to thank the following entities as Founders for their commitment and/or contributions towards setting up this unique community program:  Blaine County, the City of Ketchum, the City of Sun Valley, the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority, and Webb Landscaping.

Get started by filling out SustainBlaine's polling reservation form.

Device Prices

Rental / Service Category Standard Pricing*
Handheld Polling Units - 0 to 100 devices $200 per event
Handheld Polling Units - 100 to 200 devices $300 per event
Computer Polling Software Included in above pricing
Consulting on question design, event management and/or relsults interpretation Mandatory fee of $200 for 1st time users, $50 per hour thereafter as requested

*Excludes Founders discount program

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