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The Ketchum Innovation Center, of KIC, is not only a home for start-up businesses, but also the hub of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Wood River Valley.

With room for six to 10 companies, depending on size, the KIC provides a home to entrepreneurs looking to get their companies off the ground and grow them into sustainable businesses that will bring high-quality jobs to the community.

Located in a beautiful 5,000 square-foot stone and timber building, this headquarters for innovation, learning and collaboration is less than a mile from downtown Ketchum, less than a five-minute drive from the Bald Mountain ski lifts, and offers out the door access to hundreds of mountain biking and hiking trails.

However, this facility is simply part of a much larger project that also includes the Mentors and Advisors Program (MAP), which draws upon the incredible intellectual capital that resides in the valley, on par with the talent of San Francisco or Seattle. Fortunately, unlike those cities, our MAP participants are readily available to lend their support and expert tutelage.

In addition, one of the most important roles of the KIC is to act as an information resource for starting and growing businesses that have a strength in one area, such as production design, but need instruction on all of the various and imperative aspects of running a business, such as accounting, corporate structure and human resources management. To this end, the KIC has arranged a series of workshops and speakers to provide these critical insights, helping speed up their ability to become successful.

To maximize our reach and offerings, the KIC is partnering with numerous local and regional organizations, including Sun Valley Economic Development, Boise State University and Region IV Development.

The KIC is a project of the Ketchum Community Development Corporation and made possible by funding through the City of Ketchum and their economic development efforts.

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