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One of Sun Valley Economic Development's core goals is to analyze and present economic trends across a wide variety of topics to the community for education, enlightenment and as a call to action.  Topics of particular economic interest include demographics, employment, income, housing, construction activity, tourism, sales and taxation.

Economic data sourced from the U.S. Government, the State of Idaho and local municipalities is evaluated in terms of multi-year trends, normalized for inflation, and presented in simple to understand graphical format.  Sun Valley Economic Development strives to ensure that all data and analysis is accurate and consistent so that year-to-year and city-to-city comparisons are statistically valid.  Periodically, Sun Valley Economic Development will schedule presentations for the community on the results of its analysis.  It also prepares a series of annual economic profiles for each city and the County as a whole.

Sun Valley Economic Development also recognizes that jobs and employment are critical issues for the economic vitality of the community.  In order to support matching of employers with potential employees, Sun Valley Economic Development periodically will facilitate the provision of information regarding available jobs and employer needs, both part time and full time.  View the menu at left to participate in this process.

Community Economic Profiles

Sun Valley Economic Development's Economic Profiles provide accurate, timely and relevant economic information for each individual community in the Sun Valley Region. These Profiles provide a wide variety of economic information on demographics, employment, income, housing stock, residential & commercial activity, tourism and city government activity.   Data for these Profiles has been secured primarily from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Idaho Department of Labor, the Idaho Department of Taxation, the Sun Valley Board of Realtors and individual city planning & zoning departments.  These profiles will be updated on an annual basis and disseminated to the community.  Profiles for the current year as well as past years can be downloaded by clicking on the relevant city logo below:

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